Bharat Virasat-Thousand Pillar Temple (Rudreswara Swamy Temple)

Thousand Pillar Temple (Rudreswara Swamy Temple)

Place of Worship. Hindu


The Thousand Pillar Temple is believed to have been constructed during the period between 1175–1324 CE by order of the king, Rudra Deva. It stands on a star-shaped plinth, in the tradition of Chalukyan and Kakatiya architecture, and has three shrines - dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu, and Surya. The temple features are richly carved pillars, perforated screens, exquisite icons, rock cut elephants, and a monolithic dolerite figure of Nandi, the divine bull.

Constructed in:

12th century CE


Warangal Fort

(6.8 kms)