Bharat Virasat-Mandu Fort

Mandu Fort

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Mandu gained prominence in 10th and 11th century under the Paramaras. The town of Mandu, situated at an elevation of 633 metres, is perched on the Vindhya Range overlooking the plateau of Malwa to the north and the valley of the Narmada River to the south. The fort continued to exchange hands as various wars were fought over control of Malwa. Various rulers - from the Ghoris to the Khaljis and later - ruled from and enhanced the features and facilities in the fort. The fort walls are nearly 37km in circumference, and the fort contains several interesting buildings such as Rani Roopmati Palace, Baz Bahadur Palace, Rewa Kund, Jal Mahal, Hoshang Shah's Tomb, etc.

Constructed in:

16th century CE