Bharat Virasat-Thirumayam Fort

Thirumayam Fort

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The fort was constructed by Vijaya Raghunatha Sethupathi, the Raja of Ramnad in 1687. The fort is said to originally have been a 'ring fort' with seven concentric walls. It has only four surviving rings now. The fort is constructed of small blocks of stone along with bricks. The fort is above a small hill and has steps to enter the fort. The fort walls are largely undamaged, with several embrasures provided for the defenders of the fort. The fort has three entrances on the north, south, and on the east. There are six cannons mounted in the north, south and east gates, as well as another on the bastion on the peak of the hill. There are shrines dedicated to Hanuman, Sakthi, Ganapathi, Karuppar (guardian deities of the fort) on the southern side and a shrine to Bhairava on the northern side. There are two rock cut temples on the southern slope, one dedicated to Sri Sathyamurthy-Sri Uyyavanda Nachiar (Vaishnavite tradition) and another to Sri Sathyagireeswarar-Sri Venuvaneeswari (Saivite tradition). There are several ponds and tanks within the circumference of the fort.

Constructed in:

17th century CE



20 /-

Time required

2 hours


Muvar Koil

(41.43 kms)