Bharat Virasat-Khandariya Mahadeo Temple, Khajuraho

Khandariya Mahadeo Temple, Khajuraho

Place of Worship.


Khajuraho is a town in Madhya Pradesh renowned for a group of Hindu and Jain Temples. It is situated about 175 km south-east of Jhansi. These temples are well known for their Nagara style symbolism and erotic figures and sculptures. These sensuous stone carvings of human and animal form in erotic poses are very aesthetically portrayed and stand testimony to the rich cultural heritage of India. Most of these monuments were built between 950 to 1050 CE under the reign of the Chandela dynasty. The town has a total of 85 Temples spread across an area of 20 square kilometres. The Kandariya Mahadeo temple is the most prominent of all the temples in the Khajuraho complex.

Constructed in:

11th century CE